About Henry Evans, Director of Reliable Payroll Services

Since leaving school in 1958. I have enjoyed providing services involving finance and money handling for many individuals and businesses.

Soon after getting my first job I found myself serving at a Post Office counter, paying out pensions and recording deposits and withdrawals, for example. It was something I enjoyed for 10 or more years, at both sub-post offices and at Crown (main) Post Offices as a Postal and Telegraph Officer. At times I was involved in preventing and detecting fraud, which could involve working with the Police and testifying in Court. Cashing up had to be done every week, sometimes more often, and involved reconciling thousands of pounds.

Later on, I worked at various companies, large and small, in roles including Bought Ledger Supervisor, Accounts Manager and Credit Controller/Cashier sometimes accounting for millions of pounds. Often I would be involved in calculating and paying wages, using manual, mechanised and computerised systems.

The time came to strike out on my own as a self-employed bookkeeper and payroll handler, later incorporating the business as Alpha Services (someone advised me to use that name to ensure I appeared at the top of business listings). Then, in 2010, HMRC decided to introduce Money Laundering Regulations, which involved (effectively) spying on clients to see if they were involved in criminal activity. I objected to this, and pulled away from bookkeeping to focus on payroll.

My tussle with HMRC to convince them that my payroll activities provided no opportunity whatever to know about clients business affairs lasted another two years, but finally ended in being set free from the MLR (Money Laundering Regulations).

I have always believed in giving attentive, personalised service to those I work for, and carry this ethos into my present business.

No more PAYE headaches - all aspects of your payroll handled professionally, promptly and efficiently. Reasonable and affordable fees.